Philippians 4:13

“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” Philippians 4:13

Many of you are most likely familiar with this verse. Maybe you read it yourself, or heard it in church, or maybe you saw a canvas with these words written upon it. About a year ago I was having difficulties with my classes. I was overwhelmed with assignments and exams. I was beginning to stress, and I am in the unlucky group of stressers who eats sweets to comfort themselves. I  had read this verse in the Bible so many times but one Saturday it brought a whole new meaning with it. I always pray when I start and finish my day and even though I prayed about my classes and asked God for His help, I realized then that my prayers were beginning to sound like a recording machine. I was saying the words with my mouth, but not my heart. Physically I was kneeling beside my bed but mentally I was always working on an upcoming assignment. When I had graduated from high school my mom had given me a checkbook cover with that very same verse on it. I never really paid much attention to the case when I saw it until I cleaned out my purse one day. One of my classes had just announced a project that would be due in a week and I was beginning to feel overwhelmed, again. Seeing those words made me realize that I never really and truly asked God for His help. I began to spend more time reading the Bible and praying. After that my grades started to go back up again. Sometimes we tend to push God into second place and whatever is going on in our lives into first. The one thing that we should always strive to remember is to put Jesus in first place. Once He is put before our other responsibilities and obligations, our lives tend to go smoother.


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