Reached by Ally Condie


“One young woman was raged against those who threaten to keep away what matters most – family, love, choice. Now Cassia’s quiet revolution is about to explode into full-scale rebellion. The wait is over.”

The third and final novel in the Matched trilogy. Out of all three of the books, this one was my utmost favorite. So many of the questions that I had while reading the first two were answered in this one. I was really glad that it was as long as it was. I have heard some people say that it was too long and that it was boring in the middle but I thought that the length is what made the book good. If it was shorter then we wouldn’t have gotten our answers or been shown what we needed to see in order to better understand everything. Some of the revelations were mind-blowing. I would have never guessed them. But there were a few that were appalling, like when it was revealed that the Society was the Rising just in a different format. The only two questions that were never really answered that I had were: areย Patrick and Aida alive, and where did Matthew end up? The author did a great job in leaving those two questions for us to decide on ourselves. So, in my opinion, yes they are alive and Matthew went on to join the others from the land of no return. In all, this was a great read and a good series. I recommend reading it if you enjoy young adult and/or dystopian novels.



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