A Dream to Call My Own by Tracie Peterson


“She yearned for a dream to call her own… Lacy Gallatin, the youngest of the Gallatin sisters, is a woman with a mission: to find her father’s killer. Haunted by the belief that she’s failed her pa, Lacy also battles a desire to have something more than just revenge, something she can’t quite figure out. Enter Dave Shepard, deputy sheriff for Gallatin Crossing, Montana. Dave is close to figuring out who killed George Gallatin, but he always feels inadequate when it comes to the beautiful Lacy. When they are together, the tension crackles between them – both when they argue and when they kiss. Lacy finds him frustratingly irresistible… but is it truly love?”

The third and final novel within the Brides of Gallatin County trilogy. Just like the previous two novels this ones is just as superb. All of the questions from the first two were answered in this one. The person whom Lacy suspected to have killed her father was indeed involved in his murder. Which shouldn’t have been much of a surprise but when I read about it I was a tad bit upset. I had really hoped it wasn’t that particular person, especially since we were able to see his thoughts and views on his actions. He seemed as thought he was indeed sorry for his previous actions, but even if he did regret his past mistakes it still didn’t change the fact that he did unkind and terrible things to others. With the end of this book came the end of the town and everything in it. Once the Gallatin sisters and their husbands moved to the new location of the railroad and George’s murderer took matters into his own hands, their was no one else, or any businesses, left in Gallatin Crossing. I was really glad that the author included an epilogue at the end. It was nice to see what had happened to their lives as they all started over and had families of their own. The lesson that I was reminded of within this series was that, we should give all of their worries and problems over to Jesus and trust in Him. For He knows what is best for us and why unhappy things happen to us. “Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved” ~ Psalm 55:22.



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