Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks


“Theresa Osborne is divorced and disillusioned, but that is all about to change when she finds a bottle on the beach with a mysterious love letter inside. What happens next is unexpected, and perhaps even miraculous – for it embraces all our hopes for finding someone special, for having a love that is timeless and everlasting…”

The love story in this novel was so inspiring and full of passion. Even though it was a fictional story, and maybe these stories really do only belong in books but, it reassures one that someday, somewhere, they’ll find their own Garrett. It’s like the saying “every love story is great but ours is my favorite.” Until one has their own true love story, they are going to admire others. Although the book is basically about two people who fall in love, it also deals with loss and death. It’s hard to feel empathy towards someone who has lost a dear one unless you yourself have as well. One can only imagine the emotions that come with it, but when you experience them yourself you fully understand the thoughts and feelings of others. Garrett’s heartbreak over his wife’s death almost broke my heart. His letters were so full of emotion and love for her. I’d like to believe that there are still guys out there like him, one’s who will love you no matter what and will never leave you. But I was really glad that he got together with Theresa. They needed each other more than they realized. They both needed to learn that love is still out there for them, and Garrett needed help in moving on in life after his loss. It was a great read and very captivating.



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