Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 2014

South Carolina 2014 088This year’s big vacation was spent in South Carolina. When asked where in SC I just tell people Myrtle Beach, it’s well-known and easier than explaining where we actually went. The real town that we stayed in was Murrells Inlet. It was only about 15 minutes away from Myrtle Beach and we did spend half of our vacation there. The tripΒ was amazing! The people down there were polite and very friendly. I would definitely recommend going down there sometime. We did have an itinerary planned before we left but after getting there it was kind of tossed aside and we did whatever we felt like doing. The first night there we just went to the beach at Garden City Beach. The tide was pretty high and reached the bottom step on the steps that lead down to the sand. I didn’t realize just how much I missed the beach until I saw it πŸ™‚ it was breathtaking!


South Carolina 2014 007We spent a few evenings at Broadway at the Beach and the first restaurant we ate at was the Hard Rock Cafe. I’ve never been there before but I’ve heard so much about it. I feel as though it is given more praise than it should. I didn’t find it to be very interesting or appetizing. The exterior of the restaurant was well designed and was really the only part of the whole restaurant that I really liked. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co is more to my liking, sadly they didn’t have one there. It was really hot down there the week we visited. It was extremely humid and, unfortunately, the day we arrived the AC in the car broke down and we drove without air conditioning for a few days before we got it fixed. I wonder how people survived in the olden days without AC. The heat is unbearable without it! Myrtle Beach didn’t really have much of a tropical feel to it. There were a few palm trees here and there but nothing like Florida were as soon as you pass the border you are engulfed in palm trees. But the ocean was still amazing!

South Carolina 2014 060

We went jet skiing one day at Crazy Sister Marina and, unfortunately, we have absolutely no pictures from that activity. I was kind of bummed that we had no pictures but at least I’ll always have the memories πŸ™‚ Me and a friend shared a jet ski and I was so excited to be able to drive it. I have never jet skied before and tons of people enjoy that activity and rave about it. It was kind of scary at first since the waves kept knocking usΒ the other way and it took about 15-20 minutes before I felt as though I had control of it. We got sprayed with water so often by other jet skis that we were completely soaked, but it also didn’t help when we went into the ocean for an unexpected swim. I had let go of the gas and had the jet ski sitting idly on the water. Next thing I know we were slowly starting to tip. At first I thought that it was just a wave, then we tipped a little more. It felt as though we were going in slow motion. I was able to think of so many things before we finally hit the water. But until the jet ski had completely flipped over I never once let go of the handle bars. I did hit my head on the way up and the next morning I had a goose egg on my noggin. Not fun! Nobody in our party actually saw us flip over but they did see us in the water. I’m surprised they didn’t fall off of their skis from all the laughter. The thought of sharks never crossed my mind until I was halfway up the jet ski. So, basically, jet skiing is one of my new fears. Like Taylor Swift once said, me and a Jet ski are never ever, ever getting back together. A few of our friends and I also went mini golfing and even though I lost both games it was fun. Not childish at all πŸ™‚

We also Parasailing 2014 040went para sailing, and by we I mean my friend and I. It took awhile, a few days, to convince her to go but in the end she did. I really enjoyed it. The rocking that we endured when they were reeling us back in was kind of nauseating but the view and the experience was worth it. While in the air we saw a sea turtle and a hammer-head shark! Boy am I glad that they didn’t dunk us in the water at that time. Otherwise who knows what would have happened. Either I would have swam for my life, or have had been shark bait. But it was still fun. Even the dunk in the water. It was really refreshing πŸ™‚ It’s also as close to skydiving as I will get. At least while para sailing I’m not too far away from the ground, well ocean in this case. The landing won’t hurt as bad as pluming to once death from the sky.

TheSouth Carolina 2014 106 day before we were scheduled to leave we went to visit the Boone Hall Plantation near Charleston. Most people who know me know that I am one of the weirdest people ever. I mean, you’ve got to be weird if you like English AND history, right! So every time we visit a historical place I get so giddy with excitement and most people just give me weird looks and tell me I was born in the wrong era. Which is true. But this plantation was gorgeous! The trees lining the driveway set the scene perfectly. The house was breathtaking. Every time I visit historical places, I wish a time machine existed. Just imagine being able to wear the ball gowns girls wore back then, or even the pioneer dresses, and have it be acceptable and fit in. Today people look at you differently if they see you in a bonnet or something out of style. I should know cause one year I bought a bonnet and wore it in the car for a while. The looks I got were priceless! πŸ™‚ Fun fact about Boone Hall: a few scenes from “The Notebook” were filmed there. So, ladies, I walked were Ryan Gosling once walked πŸ˜‰ But I’m more of a Channing Tatum fan so I didn’t find that fact as interesting as some of the other visitors did. South Carolina was a good trip and I would recommend going there. Even if it is for a day or two. Just keep in mind, Myrtle Beach is packed with people. We ended up going to Garden City Beach because it wasn’t as packed and it’s the beach I really enjoyed going to and would recommend visiting if you’re not a fan of crowded beaches. South Carolina is the tenth state that I have visited in the last three years. At this rate I will be able to visit each state by the time I turn thirty! πŸ™‚ States I have visited are: Washington, Oregon, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri, Florida, and South Carolina. But technically I have been in twenty states, but I don’t count them cause we didn’t do anything other than drive through them.


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