Where it Began by Ann Redisch Stampler

where it began“Gabby lived under the radar until her makeover. Way under. But when she started her senior year as a blonder, better-dressed version of herself, she struck gold: Billy Nash believed she was the flawless girl she was pretending to be. The next eight months with Billy were bliss… Until the night Gabby wakes up on the ground next to the remains of his BMW without a single memory of how she got there. And Billy’s nowhere to be found. All Gabby wants is to make everything perfect again. But getting her life back isn’t just difficult, it’s impossible. Because nothing is the same, and Gabby’s beginning to realize she’s missed more than a few danger signs alone the way. It’s time for Gabby to face the truth, even if it means everything changes. Especially if it means everything changes.”

I found myself with mixed feelings as I was reading this book. At first I found myself greatly disliking it but for some odd reason I couldn’t put it down. It was confusing at first. In the beginning Gabby was in the hospital and in the next chapter she was back in school. After a few chapters I realized that she was having flashbacks. But it was hard to follow along. Towards the end I did find myself enjoying the story. It took about two hundred pages but it finally got good! I thought that Billy was a great guy who dearly loved Gabby, but the twist was… wow! I mean, I assumed he had something to do with the accident and all but I was not expecting that. It was something else for sure. I felt bad for Gabby. She had given her heart to Billy but he didn’t respond in a way that she believed he would. I wouldn’t say this is a great book, actually, I’d describe it as an okay book. Not something that everyone would find interesting but an okay read in-between series. If you do decide to read it, I hope you enjoy it!


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