Personal Update: January 2015

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEven though we are only eleven days into the new year it has been a great one so far. I hope that all of you had wonderful Christmas’ and a terrific start in this new year! I have had one of the best Christmas’ ever this season. I was able to see all of my family for Christmas and then spend a week and a half with my mom and brother. It was nice to be home for a while and be able to take a break from school and work (it was definitely needed). Once grades were finalized and credits added I finally became classified as a senior a semester earlier! Woo-hoo!! Except that with my double major and all I won’t be able to graduate a semester earlier. But that’s fine with me, as long as I can graduate by next year like I had planned from the beginning. Just like any other person I did make a few, more like 20, new year’s resolutions. I haven’t been able to do every single goal before but I am hoping that this year will be different. One of the things that I would like to try to do this year is read orΒ re-read any of my books that I have not blogged about and then review them on here. I’m really hoping that I can do that but that’s almost 200 books that I would need to read in a year. We shall see how much of that goal I can achieve by the end of this year. Spring semester starts tomorrow and like most students I am not ready to go back. The three weeks we had off did seem to go by pretty fast and I’m hoping that this semester will go by quickly as well. To all of the other students out there, good luck this semester! Also, may God bless you all and may this be a year full of laughter and joy for everyone!!


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