The Quarryman’s Bride by Tracie Peterson

Quarryman's Bride“Emmalyne Knox has always loved Tavin MacLachlan. But when tragedy strikes her family, Emmalyne’s father declares she can no longer marry. Despite Tavin’s pleas to defy the decision, Emmalyne refuses. In her act of obedience, she gives up the future she’d always dreamed of. When Emmalyne’s father returns to the quarry business years later, Tavin and Emmalyne meet again. And though circumstances have changed in both of their lives, they cannot deny the feelings that still exist.”

The Quarryman’s Bride is the second novel of the Land of Shining Waters trilogy. Just like the first novel, this book is as equally fascinating. I really liked that the book was set in the same state as the first novel. I wish that it would have included the characters from the first novel but after reading this book I’m glad that it didn’t. It would have been interesting to see where the characters from the previous book were and which direction life had taken them though, especially Svea’s. I found Emmalyne’s obedience to her father really admirable in this novel. I was a little shocked that she gave up the love of her life to abide the wishes of her father. If it was me, I doubt that I would have ever done that. I mean, he really was a bitter and mean man. Not once did he stop and think about his family or their needs. It was all about him and his way. I felt really bad for his family and all that they had to deal with. Although Emmalyne’s father did drive me crazy throughout this book, I really enjoy reading it. The love story between Tavin and Emmalyne was really sweet even though they had a great deal of obstacles placed in their way. Well, I hope you like this book as much as I did!


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