The Miner’s Lady by Tracie Peterson

the miners lady“When Chantel Panetta’s younger sister claims to be in love with Orlando Calarco, Chantel knows there is no hope. The Panettas and Calarcos have been sworn enemies for decades, and young love cannot heal the deep wounds between the two iron-mining families. Yet, unable to resist Isabella’s pleas, Chantel agrees to help her sister spend time with Orlando… only to have a run-in with Dante, Orlando’s brother. Chantel can’t deny the attraction that flares when she’s with Dante. But when a tragedy occurs at the mine, is there any hope that the hatred that has simmered between these two families might be resolved?”

This novel, The Miner’s Lady, is the third and final installment in the trilogy Land of Shining Water. Just like the previous novels in this series, this book does not include any of the previous characters, locations, or stories. In fact it is a great deal different than the first two novels. This novel deals more with hatred and despise than the others did. The feud between these two families has not only caused them much heartache, but it has also affected the lives of many of those around them whether they knew it or not. The forbidden love between Isabella and Orlando reminded me of Romeo and Juliet’s story. After all, they were arch enemies who fell in love and, sadly, had a tragic ending. When I first read about Isabella and Orlando I automatically assumed that it was going to be just like that. I was relieved that it wasn’t. In fact, their story was very different from Romeo and Juliet’s and an interesting one at that. Chantel and Dante’s story… well that one I will let you guys read about. The only thing that I will say about their story is that it won’t disappoint you. Just like the previous two novels, I enjoyed reading this book and I highly recommend this series to all. Happy Reading!


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