The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks

the wedding“After thirty years, Wilson Lewis is forced to face a painful truth: the romance has gone out of his marriage. His wife, Jane, has fallen out of love with him, and it is entirely his fault. Despite the shining example of his in-laws, Noah and Allie Calhoun, and their fifty-year love affair, Wilson himself is a man unable to express his true feelings. He has spent too little time at home and too much at the office, leaving the responsibility of raising their children to Jane. Now his daughter is about to marry, and his wife is thinking about leaving him. But if Wilson is sure of anything, it is this: His love for Jane has only grown over the years, and he will do everything he can to save their marriage. With the memories of Noah and Allie’s inspiring life together as his guide, he vows to find a way to make his wife fall in love with him… all over again.”

My favorite thing about this novel is that it included Noah and Allie’s story from The Notebook. I really enjoyed reading The Notebook so when I discovered that this novel was kind of a sequel to it I immediately bought it (even though it did take me awhile before I finally got around to reading it). The story of Jane and Wilson was uplifting. The fact that he was able to change into the man that he should have been from the beginning proved that people can, and do, change. I was so happy for him and Jane. He finally became the person he needed to be, and the husband that Jane deserved. While The Notebook didn’t really dwell much on Noah and Allie’s life after they got married and had children, this book had flashbacks of their family life. There weren’t a large number of those scenes but enough to show readers that they led a great and happy life full of love and memories. Noah and Allie did get their happily ever after. Even if their after part tugged at our heartstrings a bit. If you haven’t read The Notebook first I highly recommend reading it before you begin this novel. Otherwise the parts with Noah and Allie won’t really make much sense to you. I enjoyed this book (read it in two days) and suggest that you do to. I hope you like it as well!


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