Love’s Enduring Promise by Janette Oke

Love's Enduring PromiseTragedy brought them together, but love bound them into a family. Clark and Marty Davis, the pioneer couple thrown together after the death of their first spouses, now preside over a growing number of youngsters in their prairie home. Together they face the joys and trials of life on a homesteader’s farm. Will they be able to find a suitable teacher for the long-awaited new school? Is the “very learned” Eastern preacher going to be able to communicate with the simple people of the West? And how do Clark and Marty guide their lovely daughter, now grown up to womanhood, in her choice of a partner?”

Love’s Enduring Promise is the second novel in the Love Comes Softly series. This novel truly is a sequel to the first one in the sense that it continues following the lives of the same exact characters, yet at a faster pace than one could have anticipated. Some time has passed since Marty decided to stay with Clark and make a life together with him but not enough to leave out important events. These two hundred pages include more than a decade of their lives together and while it begins with Missie still not able to attend school, it ends with her being all grown up and ready for the next phase in her life. I really enjoyed reading about Marty and Clark’s life together but it was also interesting to follow along the lives of their children and a few other characters that have become dear to us during the first two novels. Marty’s faith in Christ has also grown strong. I found it hard to believe that she wasn’t a Christian from childhood. Her faith was very admirable and a great example as to how our faith in the Lord should be, strong and unwavering. At times I did find the pace of this book to be kind of fast, since it does include over ten years of their lives together, but at the same time it was nice to read about a large chunk of their lives at once. I enjoyed this novel and I would recommend it to anyone who loves to read. Especially Little House on the Priaire fans and any Christian historical books fans. Hope you enjoy it!


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