Galena, Illinois 2015

Holidays and Winter 2014-2015 022Unlike some of my classmates this year, I did not go to the coast or Caribbean for spring break. Instead, I spent half of the week working and the rest of the week with my family. A few weeks prior to break we were sitting around the table, considering where we should go for break, when my Mom made a suggestion. My Mom’s name is Galina so when someone asked her whether or not she was named after the town Galena, Illinois (which she was not and that was actually the first time that we had ever heard of a town called Galena), we decided to go check it out. With it being only about three hours away from my hometown we decided to make our trip short and only stayed for two days. It really was a beautiful town. If you like history and historical architecture then you will absolutely love this place. I will admit, there wasn’t much to do when we were there but the views were spectacular. The homes and stores all looked as they had years and years ago. It was as if time stood still there, except for modern accommodations. We ended up staying at the Victorian Mansion Bread and Breakfast and loved our stay. The home was beautiful, the people were polite, and the food was delicious. The house itself had been built in 1856 and President Grant had actually stayed in that home on many occasions. The room we were originally going to stay in was, in fact, the room that he stayed in himself. Pretty neat, right? Holidays and Winter 2014-2015 030Anyway, the furniture and everything in the home was beautiful and in the lobby hung a portrait of Martha Washington that had been given to the owner of that house from the White House and it was the length of the wall. After dinner the first night we just walked around the house and took our time taking the sights in. The home is located in the historical district of Galena and we never really left that area. We walked around the neighborhood, shopped a little, and walked up and down 158 steps (they had us panting for air by the time we finally reached the top). The cool thing about that area was that the houses sat on top of a hill and the stores were all at the bottom of the hill. So when we were down on the street and looked up, it literally looked as though the houses were sitting on top of a hill with no way up. I’ve never been afraid of heights but three-fourths of the way up those 158 steps I looked down and found myself clinging to the rail.  My Mom and I really liked Galena and if you ever have a free weekend or so I’d recommend going there. The scenery was the thing that I liked most about the town. The only thing missing was the attire worn in the 19th century (which I would have worn with no complaint whatsoever if the option had been available).


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