Love’s Long Journey by Janette Oke

Love's Long Journey“After all their dreaming and planning, Missie and her beloved Willie are actually on the trail west in a covered wagon, leaving behind her also-beloved family. Her memories are bittersweet as she faces the hardships of the westward trek – the rain, the mud, the impassable rivers, and even death. Will their love for each other and their faith in God survive the bewildering surprise at journey’s end?”

Love’s Long Journey is the third book in the Love Comes Softly series. This novel picks up almost exactly where the second one ended. Granted, some time has passed but not enough to confuse the reader. In Love’s Enduring Promise we read about Missie and Willie’s courtship and wedding. In this novel their journey continues with them moving west in search of their dream and life together. Willie and Missie’s faith during their time with the wagon train is truly inspiring. Their faith grew stronger in the Lord with every trial they faced. As I read this novel I found myself grieving along with Missie when she lost a dear friend and appalled by the sod house that she was to call home. If one thinks about it, we really and truly are spoiled. We not only have real floors in our homes but we also have indoor pluming and electricity. We never have to experience what people back then went without. Yet, even though we have everything we could ever desire, we forget to thank the Lord for his wonderful blessings and love. Our faith should be stronger than ever, but it’s not. I hope you enjoy this novel!


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