Love’s Unending Legacy by Janette Oke

Love's Unending LegacyMarty and Clark Davis arrive home from a visit out west with daughter Missie knowing there are changes ahead for them. But are they prepared for the changes that already have taken place while they were gone? Clare and Kate are eagerly anticipating their new baby, but what lies ahead will test their faith in ways they never expected. Luke wants to become a doctor, but his studies will take him far from home. Ellie has blossomed into a lovely young woman, but is there a young man around worthy of her hand? And then there’s Nandry, who seems to be blaming God for Clark’s accident.”

Love’s Unending Legacy is the fifth novel in the Love Comes Softly series. This novel picks up almost exactly were the previous one ended, not completely but pretty close to it. As Marty and Clark settle back into their old routine they find themselves with a great number of unexpected surprises. In that one year that they had been gone a wedding had taken place and life decisions had been made. It was interesting to continue reading about the life that Marty and Clark had built together. It is hard to believe that they are now grandparents. Time sure does fly by fast, especially in books. As Marty and Clark were deliberating the legacy that they are leaving their children it got me to thinking. When people hear about legacy’s a great number of them immediately assume that a legacy is something tangible like money or property. Not many people think of legacy’s as traits or beliefs. Jesus is truly the best legacy that we could have ever hoped for. He is the perfect example of we should live our lives and who we should strive to be. I enjoyed this book a great deal and found it to be a pretty easy read. Once you get into the story it’s hard to draw yourself away. Hope you enjoy it as well!



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