Love’s Unfolding Dream by Janette Oke

Love's Unfolding Dream“Belinda, Marty and Clark Davis’s ‘surprise child,’ has always had a tender and compassionate heart toward anything hurt or broken. Her brother, Doctor Luke, influences her toward nursing and a job as his assistant. But will she have the inner strength to face hurt and broken people whose bodies, minds, and emotions need mending? And what will happen when Belinda, Amy Jo, and Melissa all fall for the same fellow?”

Love’s Unfolding DreamΒ is the sixth novel in the Love Comes Softly Series. This novel is as delightful and captivating as the previous five novels. It was really interesting to see how Clark and Marty’s life had unfolded and continued after the birth of their unexpected child. Even though both are now grandparents many times over, it’s hard to see them as such. I still see them the way I had visualized them from the first novel. Compared to the previous novel, where Luke decided to become a doctor, this book has a great deal more medical scenes and information. It is actually quite fascinating, yet I still would not go into the medical field myself. The sight of blood makes me squeamish. But I am very glad that there are people out there that are willing to pursue the field of medicine. With the amount of time that has passed since the birth of Belinda and the beginning of this novel a lot had changed. Luke is now a doctor of many years, other babies have been added to the family, and Missie’s daughter is able to visit her other family for the first time ever. This book is pretty fast paced and includes a great deal of incidents, some family related others not. I really enjoyed this novel and definitely recommend it to others. Happy reading!


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