Love Takes Wing by Janette Oke

Love Takes Wing“Belinda Davis is restless. As her friends get married and have children of their own, she wonders what God has in store for her. Her life as a nurse seems dull and routine. She craves excitement and adventure. When she meets an elderly woman who needs nursing care, Belinda jumps at the invitation to travel to Boston, a large, vibrant city so unlike the little prairie town where she was raised. Opportunities for books, theatre, and the luxuries of life provide excitement… for a time. But in spite of financial security, countless new experiences, and even some romance, Belinda finds herself restless, lonely, and empty inside.”

Love Takes Wing is the seventh novel in the Love Comes Softly Series. This novel continues with Belinda’s story. Now as a nurse in her little town, Belinda watches her friends and family members begin their own families. Even though she herself has a few opportunities to begin a family of her own presented to her Belinda decides to go on a different path. One that shows her a different side of life. The life of luxury and tranquility. As Belinda finds herself being drawn in by the extravagant life she finds herself loosing a part of her self. As life got easier and full of new adventures Belinda found herself putting her relationship with God in second and third place. I found myself relating to Belinda at that point. As a college student I feel as though I am always either studying or working, with not a great deal of extra time left over. When one’s busy or living the life it gets easier and easier to put aside things that matter like: faith, family, and in some cases friends. Jesus never puts us aside, yet, we constantly put Him aside with excuses. I found this book to be inspirational. I was able to relate to Belinda and it even felt as though she was going through the same emotions that I had found myself going through not to long ago. I hope you guys find this novel to be as uplifting as I did!


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