Love Finds A Home by Janette Oke

Love Finds A Home“Belinda Davis’s move to Boston had introduced her to a life she never could have imagined growing up in the West. But even the opportunities of wealth, literature, and travel left her feeling empty. Realizing her faith had been pushed into the background, she once again invites God to have first place in her life. But now she faces new life decisions that seem even more difficult than before. Torn between two contrasting ways of life, one full of fascinating opportunities in the East and one represented by the beloved farm home in which she was raised, she clings to the principles that are her parents’ legacy: faith, love, and family.”

Love Finds A Home is the eight and final novel in the Love Comes Softly series. Even though I knew that this book was the final one in this series I had a difficult time accepting it. After Belinda had realized that her faith had been pushed back she decides to reevaluate her life and make a few changes, ones that she realized shouldn’t have been altered in the first place. With Aunt Virgie making an unplanned trip to New York, Belinda decides that it would be a perfect time to go home and visit her loved ones. But she had not been expecting new emotions and thoughts to be brought up on her visit back. The way Belinda’s questions were answered were in a way that she had never expected them to be revealed. This whole series has been captivating and uplifting. The things that have happened to this family and the way they are able to bounce back are truly remarkable. I enjoyed being able to watch Clark and Marty begin a life together, Missie and Willie start their life out West, and Belinda grow up into the woman that God had intended her to be. This series truly is delightful. I found it to be inspirational due to the characters faith in God and how strong it was. I hope to one day have the same faith that they did. I highly recommend this series to everyone. Hope you enjoy it!


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