The Tender Years by Janette Oke

The Tender Years“Twenty years have passed since youngest daughter Belinda’s story in Love Finds a Home. Marty and Clark’s spiritual heritage has been lovingly passed on to their children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren. And now beloved granddaughter Virginia faces the test of her young life. Caught in that difficult period between childhood and adulthood, feeling that she really doesn’t fit anymore, Virginia struggles against what she considers to be unreasonable restrictions and expectations. A lively new girl arrives at school, and Jenny seems to represent everything that Virginia is longing for – her looks, her daring, her alluring freedom from constraints. But then comes the day neither girl will ever forget…”

After originally deciding to end the Love Comes Softly Series, with the final eight novel being Love Finds a Home, Janette Oke came back and wrote a sequel series. The Tender Years is the first novel in the series called A Prairie Legacy. Personally, I am thrilled that Janette Oke decided to come back to the Love Comes Softly Series and prolong it. I found it to be inspirational and uplifting. This series begins by following Virginia , Belinda’s daughter, during her adolescent years as she tries to find her place in life and school. As many of us can recall, the adolescent years, also known as the tween years, are ones that are sometimes the most difficult ones that a child can face. They’re still suppose to listen to their parents but at the same time they want to impress their friends. That’s kind of the pickle that Virginia found herself in, not knowing how she could listen to her parents and impress her friends at the same time. I really enjoyed reading about Clark and Marty. Even twenty years later they are still as young in spirit as they were in the novel Love Comes Softly. Belinda turned out to be a great mother, even reminding me of Marty when her children were young and still living under her roof. Belinda and Drew’s parenting techniques seemed very similar to Marty and Clark’s who instilled God’s love in their children. If you enjoyed the previous series than you will love this one as well. I hope you enjoy it!


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