A Searching Heart by Janette Oke

A Searching Heart“As graduation day approaches, eighteen-year-old Virginia Simpson is more than ready to head off to college, reunite with her childhood sweetheart, and finally be allowed to embrace the freedom of adulthood. But when a family crisis forces her to abandon her carefully laid plans, Virginia learns the deeper meaning of “growing into adulthood.” Does God have somethings else – something she hadn’t considered – in mind for her?”

A Searching Heart is the second novel in the Prairie Legacy series. As Virginia is about to graduate high school she feels as though she has the perfect plan laid out for her life: go to college, be Jamison’s wife, and live happily ever after. The funny thing about making plans ourselves is that sometimes they don’t align with the plan that God has prepared for us. If that happens to be the case then we can always count on Him to change those plans so that they do align with His plans. Compared to the previous novel, Virginia has grown up a great deal. She is no longer the little girl that tries to please her friends. Instead, she has turned into the woman that she was meant to be. Her faith in the Lord is strong and unwavering, and no matter how many times Jenny makes fun of her or tries to sway her towards a different direction in the path we call life, Virginia holds true to her beliefs. Peer pressure is no longer one of her weaknesses. This novel holds a lot of surprises within it’s pages, some good and some that a reader would not expect. This novel was a great sequel to The Tender Years. I enjoyed it and hope that you do as well!


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