A Quiet Strength by Janette Oke

A Quiet  Strength“When her stetson-wearing neighbor left to seek his fortune, Virginia Simpson remained at home, sustained by hope and an expectant heart. Now that her beloved Jonathan is back, she can’t wait to become Mrs. Lewis and begin the life she’s always dreamed about. But married life isn’t quite what she expected… When an old friend presents a surprising choice for the couple, Virginia must decide from whom to draw her strength.”

A Quiet Strength is the third novel in the Prairie Legacy series. It’s hard to believe that Virginia Simpson, who was once an extremely emotional teenager, is now a mature and married woman. She got the life that I had hoped she would: a great husband, strong faith in the Lord, and she turned out to be a great person. One who strived to live her life the way that the good Lord would have wanted her to. Jenny, on the other hand, also got the life that she wanted but it wasn’t a life that treated her kindly or cared about her. It was heartbreaking to read about how her life turned out to be. I’m sure that if Jenny had known in advance what path she was on that she would have done something to turn it around, at least I like to hope that she would have. But sometimes it takes a person longer to realize that they need Jesus in their life than others. Jenny wanted to be in control of her life and in the process she gave up her chance of truly being happy. I really enjoyed reading about Virginia and Jonathan’s life after they became man and wife. They didn’t live happily ever after like people do in story books. Instead their happily ever after was much more realistic than that. They had to work to get their happily ever after. But the more roadblocks they overcame the happierย they were. They worked at their marriage and in the process it brought them closer, even though at times they didn’t know how they were going to work things out. This book is great and I hope you enjoy it!


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