Like Gold Refined by Janette Oke

Like Gold Refined“After years of turmoil, Virginia Lewis is finally satisfied with her life. God has blessed her with the love of her husband Jonathan and four wonderful children, one of which is the daughter of her wayward childhood friend Jenny. Ten-year-old Mindy has grown into a healthy, faith-filled child and a full-fledged member of the Lewis family. But when a desperate Jenny arrives to reclaim her daughter, Virginia and Jonathan find themselves in a battle they had never foreseen. Will her heart ever find the peace she years for?”

Like Gold Refinedย is the fourth and final novel in the Prairie Legacy series. Not only is this novel the last one in its series it is also the novel that puts an end to the Love Comes Softly family series. I had a hard time wrapping my mind around that fact but many of the characters from the previous series are either gone or have aged and are waiting for heaven to call their name up as well. Virginia’s life has been indeed blessed by the Lord. She has everything she could possibly ever want: faith, love and a family. Mindy, Jenny’s child, has now become a completely different child. She is no longer the scared little girl she was when she entered Virginia and Jonathan’s life. She is now a beloved big sister and a cherished daughter. Virginia and Jonathan consider her to be their daughter and love her as though she was their own. The way Virginia and Jenny’s lives turned out where complete opposite. It showed us what could happen to us if we went down a path like Jenny did. A path that didn’t involve Jesus. I could never imagine my life without Jesus. He’s a big part of my life and a big part of who I am. I’m sure that if Jenny had been shown a glimpse of her life as an adult when she was a teenager then she would have thought twice about her choices as a young adult. Maybe she would have taken Virginia’s advice more seriously. At least I hope that she would have. This novel was amazing! I loved it except for one small fact, that it was the finale to a wonderful series and an inspiring family. I hope you give this series a read if you haven’t done so already!


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