Branson, Missouri 2015

ISU Junior Year & Branson, MO 2015 043Hey guys!! This years big vacation wasn’t spent anywhere far away nor at an extravagant location. Instead one of my friends and I decided to spend a week in Missouri and just get a break from reality. This year has been a stressful one for me what with classes and work. Sometime during this spring semester I had lost all motivation to continue my studies. I finished this semester but my heart just wasn’t in it like it usually is. I just wanted it to be over. Basically, I needed a break. Away from school, work, and everything else that was kind of stressing me out. Anyway, Missouri is only a few hours away from us and from looking into it it also didn’t sound too expensive. It fit a college students budget πŸ™‚ Our original plan was to do half a week in Branson and half a week at the Lake of Ozarks. Funny thing about plans… they can get ruined. Last week in Iowa the weather was beautiful. Sunny and just gorgeous. But the weather in Missouri was rainy with a one hundred percent change of downpour all week long. It literally rained the whole time we were there. Luckily for us we were able to cancel our reservations in the Ozarks and just extended our stay in Branson. I enjoyed staying in Branson. There was a lot to see and do but I felt as though a week in that town was a bit too much. If you’re going and you’re a young adult I would recommend going for a few days. We only did one or two things per day so that we had something to do every day but it would definitely be easy to combine a few days together. ISU Junior Year & Branson, MO 2015 020The first thing we did after dropping our bags off at the hotel was visit the Titanic Museum. I’ve always been fascinated by the Titanic. I can’t recall exactly when I found myself intrigued by this boat and it’s history, it might have been after I watched the movie and developed a slight crush on Leonardo DiCaprio but I can’t say for sure πŸ˜‰ I really enjoyed this museum. There were a great deal of artifacts that have been gathered up and on display. This ship had such a tragic ending, yet the facts are fascinating. This museum also has a replica of the first class staircase that we saw in the movie. We actually got a picture on it. It was absolutely beautiful! So elegant and classy. We also went and visited the Laura Ingalls Wilder Home and Museum up in Mansfield, Missouri. ISU Junior Year & Branson, MO 2015 029Since I’m a huge Little House fan I had to go see that attraction, even though I had been there once before back in high school. This house to the left, the brick cottage looking home, is not the house that Almanzo built for Laura. It was actually the house that their daughter, Rose, had built for them. But it looks so beautiful, inside and out. It was a lovely home. I did get to see the house that Almanzo had built and it was just as beautiful. He was a man of all trades, that’s for sure. I never realized how short him and Laura were though. Laura was under five feet tall and Almanzo was only five foot four, just an inch taller than me. I always imagined him to be extremely tall. I guess the image I had made up for him the first time I read the “Little House” books stuck. I envisioned him to be really tall and built big. We also went on the Showboat Branson Belle one night for dinner and a show. It was absolutely lovely. The very first picture in this post, the one with me on a staircase, was actually taken inside. It was a beautiful boat. The food there was amazing, so delicious, and the show was excellent. The singers and comedian really are talented and have a gift in entertaining. The comedian had us all crying of laughter by the time the show ended. I highly recommend taking that attraction in if you ever go there. Even if it’s for a day, it’s worth it. That was actually the only time that we were on a lake that whole week. It stayed dry for us for a few hours that day but once we got off the boat it began to pour. ISU Junior Year & Branson, MO 2015 051Another big thing that we did during our week there was see a broadway show, The Little Mermaid.Β It was wonderful! It wasn’t exactly the same as the Disney movie and it had a bit of a spin to it. I didn’t think I was going to like it as much when I started noticing the changes but it actually turned out very well. The ending was the same so that was good. We did do a lot of shopping there. They had a few shopping centers that were really touristy so we stopped at a few and got “souvenirs.” Even though it rained a great deal, I really enjoyed staying at Branson. It’s a beautiful, touristy town with polite and helpful people. Everyone we met was very helpful. I would definitely recommend adding this to your list of vacation destinations. There’s also a ton of things to do for children: water parks, theme park, etc. I probably wouldn’t recommend a full week unless your itinerary is completely full. But if you get a chance, definitely see the Titanic Museum and the Showboat Branson Belle! You won’t regret it!! πŸ™‚



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