A Lady of Secret Devotion by Tracie Peterson

A Lady of Secret Devotion“Eager to ease the financial burdens of her family, Cassandra Stover is thrilled she is hired to be a companion to Mrs. Jameston, a wealthy woman. Cassie finds herself living a life she’d never imagined – and growing close to the elderly woman who treats her like a daughter. Her new position is tarnished only by Mrs. Jameston’s son. As Sebastian’s resentment and cruelty toward his mother mount, Cassie begins to harbor concerns for her employer’s safety… and ultimately her own. When Sebastian is suspected of fraud, insurance investigator Mark Langford solicits Cassie’s help to uncover the truth. But what begins as a game of pretense is quickly complicated by matters of the heart.”

A Lady of Secret Devotion is the third and final novel in the Ladies of Liberty trilogy. Full of mystery and tension, this novel had me on the edge of the seat. During certain scenes I found myself holding my breath, thinking that there was no way on earth that my assumptions could be true. Yet by the end of the novel they proved to be just so. Sebastian’s character is one full of hate and deception. He never cared about who he hurt while in the process of getting what he wanted. Once I read about his first interaction with his own mother all hope of him being a kind man underneath vanished. If he truly despised his own mother and wished her gone, then there was no hope left for him. I can never understand why people hold their anger inside of them and let it control their actions and lives. It basically eats them away, slowly. I always thought that it would be easier to either let go of one’s anger or confront the source of it. Life would be miserable if spent in anger or resentment. I enjoyed watching Cassie and Mark’s game of pretense, but not as much as when they found out that they weren’t pretending. I felt as though I knew a secret that neither one of them knew. This novel was riveting! I absolutely enjoyed reading it. The mystery, the suspense, and the romance perfectly balanced each other out. I highly recommend it to you all!!


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