The Potter’s Lady by Judith Miller

The Potter's Lady“When Rose McKay convinces her brother, Ewan, to invest in a pottery business, she’s determined to assist him in making the endeavor a success. A recent graduate of the Philadelphia School of Design for Women, she believes she can design pieces that will sell well. Rose also reconnects with Joshua Harkness, who oversees his own family’s pottery works and promises to help her. Rylan Campbell has never liked change, but the new owners of the pottery seem to be decent folks. He just wishes Rose wouldn’t insist on changing the way they do things. Then McKay Pottery begins to lose business to the Harkness company, and Rylan suspects Joshua may be secretly taking advantage of Rose. When Franklin Hotel announces a design contest, it could be the opportunity McKay Pottery needs to achieve recognition and clients. Rose and Rylan work together to create something magnificent. With Joshua’s company as their main rival, can Rylan convince Rose her trust in Joshua may spell ruin for them all?”

The Potter’s Lady is the second novel in the Refined By Love series. While some series choose to include new characters, as well as plots, in each novel of a series this series does not. In fact, this novel continues the series with the same main characters that were in the previous novel with only a few new characters. Aunt Margaret isn’t included in this plot as often as she had been in the previous novel, but on the few occasions that she is mentioned, she is just as rude and inconsiderate as ever. While some of Aunt Margaret’s actions and remarks had been humorous Beatrice’s actions, one of the antagonists in this novel, were intentionally hurtful. I found the plot in this novel to be well organized and the story to be well told. The characters were also well developed and were great additions to the story line. Many novels don’t have lessons in them. Rather they are written to tell a story. One that we could read leisurely. Yet in some novels I find something that really stands out to me. In this novel it was forgiveness. The McKays were kindhearted people who strived to help others. When someone they cared about and trusted betrayed them they still managed to forgive them before that said person(s) asked them for their forgiveness. Forgiving someone is easier said than done and I found Ewan’s ability to forgive easily admirable. It takes a great deal of strength for one to do that but with God’s help it is possible. I really enjoyed this novel and hope you do too!!

I received a free copy of this novel from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.


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