Reunion by Lauraine Snelling

Reunion“The Sorenson family has always been a tight-knit clan, gathering every year at Dagmar Sorenson’s home in Munsford, where her children Kiera and Marcus also live. This year, the first time since Dagmar’s passing, will be bittersweet. Kiera dutifully sorts through Dagmar’s belongings, desperately searching for her birth certificate so she can apply for a passport for a much-dreamed-for trip to Norway. Why did her mother hide the document? The fifty-year-old secret shakes her whole world. Who is she? Who is her father? And who was the woman she called Mother? How can she tell her family the truth? Her brother, Marcus, and his wife, Leah, have a devastating secret of their own. Their college-bound daughter, Kristen, is pregnant. Has she destroyed the bright future she’s earned? Her father’s trust? And what about his ministry? As the reunion draws closer, the secret each family member keeps erodes the solid bonds between them. Will the truth break them entirely?”

Reunion is a stand alone novel by Lauraine Snelling. I was lucky enough to be able to personally interview Lauraine this past spring where she had told me that this book was one of the hardest ones for her to write. Before I had interviewed her I had not read this novel and wasn’t aware of how personal it was for her. After reading it, I now understand what she meant by saying that it was hard for her to write this story for it was based on a part of her life. In this novel Kiera’s story is basically Lauraine’s story. Once Kiera discovered that her father wasn’t her biological father her whole world was turned upside down. She couldn’t focus on anything other than wanting, and needing, to find out who he was. She began to believe that she was no longer who she had always thought she was. After her discovery she didn’t care that Kenneth, her non-biological father, was the father that had raised her or that no matter what the people she called family were her real family. I found this novel to be truly realistic (and it was based on a personal event that the author herself had experienced) as well as well written. I was able to see and feel the emotions that the characters were experiencing themselves. This truly was a great novel and one that helps readers bond with the author. Being able to read about what an author went through and experienced is remarkable and helps us understand them better and see who they really are. They are not just amazing storytellers with astonishing novels, but they are people who go through the same things that we do ourselves. I highly recommend this novel to ya’ll! (If you would like to read about my interview with Lauraine Snelling click here.)


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