Personal Update: December 2015

Phone Pictures December 2015 1736It feels as though it has been years since I last posted, but realistically it has only been a few months. This semester has been one of the most stressful ones that I have ever had in my college years. I’m not sure exactly why it was so stressful but I hope that I never have to go through something as stressful as that ever again. Anyway, back in October I had to quit my second job. I’d worked there since the first semester of my freshman year so it wasn’t an easy decision to make. But after many all nighters, almost three back to back all nighters to be exact, the decision had been made for me. Unless I wanted to drop school and postpone my education, one of my jobs had to go. At first it was kind of weird to have extra time but after a while I began to notice it as a blessing in disguise from God. He had seen me struggling with my classes and sent that stress my way to show me what was important and what could be eliminated from my life. He helped me go from failing about four classes to passing every class with higher marks than I thought I could possibly achieve after having a rough start to the semester. This next upcoming semester is my last one at Iowa State University and I am more than ready to finally receive my degrees and put an end to this phase of life. It’ll definitely be nice to not have anymore homework to do. Plus the extra free time will be greatly appreciated. Oh! Another big thing that happened this semester is… I moved back home! 🙂 It is so nice to finally be back at home, permanently for now. And it feels great to no longer have to pay rent. Woot-Woot! Here in Iowa this year we didn’t get a white Christmas. At least not in southern Iowa. I actually got away with wearing a light jacket when we went to the Christmas service at church. Last year, it was all boots and coats. Well… I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas full of new memories and I hope that you have a great start to this new upcoming 2016 year. God bless y’all!!


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