Confessions of a Prairie Bitch by Alison Arngrim

Confessions of a Prairie Bitch“For seven years, Alison Arngrim played Nellie Oleson, a wretched, scheming, selfish, lying, manipulative brat on Little House on the Prairie, one of TV’s most beloved series. Now, Arngrim recalls with biting wit her most cherished moments, behind the scenes: Michael Landon’s “unsaintly” habit of not wearing underwear; accidentally getting drunk on 7-Eleven rum cakes with her best friend, Melissa Gilbert [who played her on-screen nemesis, Laura Ingalls]; getting attacked by an angry mob of elementary schoolgirls when she appeared in costume in public. She also bravely recounts her life’s greatest challenges – a history of traumatic abuse, depression, and paralyzing shyness; the devastating loss of her dear friend and costar Steve Tracy to AIDS – and how Nellie Oleson, the biggest little bitch on the prairie, taught her to be bold, daring, and determined.”

If you are a huge fan of Little House on the Prairie, like me, then you will absolutely love this book and should read it! I loved it! Absolutely loved it! Alison tells the tale of being Nellie so well and includes details that all of us Little House fans have been wanting to read about. Michael Landon is one of my favorite actors and the way Alison portrayed him showed him as a normal human being. It was also great to read about her friendship with Melissa Gilbert. I had known that they were friends but reading about their childhood days was pretty entertaining. There was one character that I was a bit disappointed in, though, and from what I have read in other memoirs and all, Alison did write them fairly. I had always thought that Melissa Sue Anderson was similar to her character, Mary Ingalls, but from what some of her costars have said she is almost the complete opposite of that character. Well, at least Alison wasn’t as mean as Nellie was in real life! That was a relief to find out! We do get a lot of information about that show and the actors on there but it isn’t all about that. I couldn’t believe the things that Alison went through as a child! Also, the fact that nobody cared enough to do something about it until she joined the cause was appalling. People should have cared about that and tried to stop it! I can’t help but feel bad for the children that went their whole lives without anyone knowing about it. That’s just awful. I’m glad that Alison is standing up for them and trying to make a difference in those lives. We need more people like her in our world. People who actually care about others and try to do something, rather than just sit around and talk about it. If you are a fan of Little House than this is a must read for you. You’ll greatly enjoying reading this novel! If you’re not a fan than I highly recommend that you try this show out. It’s my all time favorite! 🙂


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