Personal Update: May 2016 (Official College Graduate!)

ISU Senior Year 2016 840Big news folks! Well, not so big if you read the heading to this post but, nevertheless, it is exciting news. I am now officially an Iowa State University Graduate with a Bachelors of Arts in English and a Bachelors of Science in Child Adult Family Services. Woo-hoo!! It feels amazing to be all done with school. If you notice the date of the post before this one you’ll see that I haven’t blogged about anything since January. January was about five months ago! I had thought that last semester was the most difficult semester of my life. But, if only I had known what lay in store for me this semester, I would have enjoyed last semester. So during the first three and a half years of my adventure at ISU I worked two part time jobs, and was a full time student with two majors. Once senior year rolled around I thought that nothing was going to change. I had assumed that I would be able to continue living my life and keeping the same schedule I had had for a few years at that point. But that wasn’t the case. By October of last year I had reached a point where something had to give. Either I had to drop school (even though it was my last year) or quit one of my part time jobs. So after a lot of debating, and multiple sleepless nights, I decided that I needed to quit a job. Life did get easier after that. With more time on my hands I was able to focus on school and end the semester on a higher note than it had started with. Then after I moved back home in December life got even easier. I had three weeks off work and could do whatever my heart desired. Except by the third day I was completely bored.ISU Senior Year 2016 841 Luckily for me I was able to start my internship earlier so that gave me something to do before I was back on the schedule at work. Yet, once the semester started I yearned to have my free time back. Working, interning, and commuting about an hour and a half twice a week for classes proved to be more difficult than I had ever thought it could be. I absolutely had no free time on my hands! I wasn’t even able to read outside of my assigned readings. Then, the best day ever (so far) came around. On Saturday, May 8th (most likely around 3-4 pm) I walked across the stage at Iowa State University in Jack Trice Stadium (ISU’s biggest graduating class ever!) and received my diploma. At that moment when I walked off the stage I felt complete freedom. I had my life back! I was officially all done with school (forever if anyone asks at the moment). All of the hard work that I had put myself through paid off. I, finally, received my college degrees! I could not have done it without the support of my family, and close friends. You all helped me complete this journey in life! Without all of your support, and coffee, I would not have been able to do it. But most of all, I thank the Lord for this opportunity that He has given me. To be the first one to graduate college in the family was quite an honor. But now, I’m waiting for Him to help guide me in the right direction cause I still have no clue what to do with life. So to everyone who didn’t let me quite when quitting sounded like the best option, thank you!!



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