Mackinac Island, MI 2016

ISU Senior Year 2016 882Right after graduation my friend and I decided to go on a trip to Mackinac Island, Michigan. I had seen really pretty pictures from around there on Pinterest and the best part about that island was that it didn’t allow motor vehicles anywhere on the island. There were three main modes of transportation: walking, biking, or horseback riding/horse drawn carriages. For someone who absolutely loves historical books, locations, and everything else about the 1800’s I fell in love with that location. The one thing that I didn’t really consider was that it would be really cold on the island while we where there. I had looked up the forecast before we went and knew that it was going to be between high 40’s to high 50’s but that temperature was not the same as what we were used to here in Iowa. High 50’s here means spring or fall whether were a light jacket or a sweater is the only thing that you need. Sometimes we even wear capris! But 50’s on the Island felt more like low 40’s to high 30’s. It was so cold! But the weather didn’t really put any damper on our vacation. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking! Everything was historical and from a picture book. It was as though we had stepped into a parallel universe somewhere else where all of the amenities were still the same but the environment was different. The folks on the island were friendly and super helpful. We were there the week of May 9th so it wasn’t official tourist season yet and not everything was open to the public. We were later told that everything officially opened that Friday the 13th. Unfortunately, we left the Island that morning and were not able to participate in those events.

2016 Adventures 004One of the days that we were there we decided to rent bikes and bike around the Island and see the scenery on the other sides of the Island. Now, I haven’t biked in years. More specifically since middle school and that was about 10 years ago. So y’all can imagine the pain I experienced for the next few days after that one bike ride. Sitting down wasn’t exactly as comfortable as it was at the beginning of the trip. We later discovered that the road we biked on, which was also their main highway that went around the entire Island, was 8.2 miles long. In one of the souvenir shops I saw a shirt that read “I biked it. Near darn killed me.” Needless to say, I bought it and that statement was 100% correct. Everything about the Island was perfect. We stayed for five days and I will admit that after the third day we did run out of things to do. But I can’t wait to go back sometime in the near future during summer months when the weather is warmer over there. If you haven’t been there before and have a few days off, I’d recommend making a trip to Mackinac Island. It’s definitely a sight to see!


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