The Death Cure by James Dashner

the-death-cure“It’s the end of the line. Wicked has taken everything from Thomas: his life, his memories, and now his only friends – the Gladers. But it’s finally over. The trials are complete, after one final test. What Wicked doesn’t know is that Thomas remembers far more than they think. And it’s enough to prove that he can’t believe a world of what they say. Thomas beat the Maze. He survived the Scorch. He’ll risk anything to save his friends. But the truth might be what ends it all. The time for lies is over.”

This is the third book in the Maze Runner Series. Picking up where the second one left off, we are able to continue on with Thomas’ story as though the previous novel had never ended. I’m going to be honest that this novel did take me longer to read than the previous one had. I started this one as soon as I finished the second book but after the first few chapters I just couldn’t get into the story. On one hand I wanted to know what happened and what trials they had left to face before everything was over, but on the other hand I was a bit tired of the story. The first novel ended with them escaping but finding themselves in another pickle, as did the second book. They escaped a second time just to discover that they had another hoop to jump through. So in a way I kept expecting them to never be able to truly escape from the treacherous experiment that they had been placed into involuntarily. I’ve noticed in some series that after the first or second book the rest of them aren’t as captivating. The spark of interest begins to fade and the story no longer seems interesting. My level of interest went down tremendously after the first few chapters of this novel. The stakes had been raised throughout the book. With more people becoming infected with the disease, the group found themselves loosing friends in ways they never thought possible. By the end of this novel they did find an escape but the trials they went through in order to get there in the mere three hundred some pages of this book tested them in unimaginable ways. Even though I found my thoughts drifting to other things while reading this novel that does not mean it’s not a good read. If you enjoyed the first two novels or are a huge fan of dystopian novels then I do recommend giving this book a shot. Who knows, you might really enjoy it! Well, happy reading y’all!


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