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MSC Caribbean Cruise March 2017


Sailing to Mexico

Hey guys! Guess where I went on vacation at the end of March??? I went on a cruise to the Caribbean!!! It was amazing!! I highly recommend going on one if you ever get the chance! Once I got back home I was ready to book my next cruise because I did not want to leave. The crew members on board the cruise were extremely polite and very helpful. Anything you needed or any question you had, they were able to provide you with it. When people say it is a city on the ocean, they mean it is a legit city on the ocean. They had everything there! But anyway, let me start from the beginning and tell you all about my experience. It is one that I’m sure not many people are able to say they had nor is it one that I am hoping to experience again. But a cruise is definitely something that I would go on again!! Continue reading


Mackinac Island, MI 2016

ISU Senior Year 2016 882Right after graduation my friend and I decided to go on a trip to Mackinac Island, Michigan. I had seen really pretty pictures from around there on Pinterest and the best part about that island was that it didn’t allow motor vehicles anywhere on the island. There were three main modes of transportation: walking, biking, or horseback riding/horse drawn carriages. For someone who absolutely loves historical books, locations, and everything else about the 1800’s I fell in love with that location. The one thing that I didn’t really consider was that it would be really cold on the island while we where there. I had looked up the forecast before we went and knew that it was going to be between high 40’s to high 50’s but that temperature was not the same as what we were used to here in Iowa. High 50’s here means spring or fall whether were a light jacket or a sweater is the only thing that you need. Sometimes we even wear capris! But 50’s on the Island felt more like low 40’s to high 30’s. It was so cold! But the weather didn’t really put any damper on our vacation. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking! Everything was historical and from a picture book. It was as though we had stepped into a parallel universe somewhere else where all of the amenities were still the same but the environment was different. Continue reading

Branson, Missouri 2015

ISU Junior Year & Branson, MO 2015 043Hey guys!! This years big vacation wasn’t spent anywhere far away nor at an extravagant location. Instead one of my friends and I decided to spend a week in Missouri and just get a break from reality. This year has been a stressful one for me what with classes and work. Sometime during this spring semester I had lost all motivation to continue my studies. I finished this semester but my heart just wasn’t in it like it usually is. I just wanted it to be over. Basically, I needed a break. Away from school, work, and everything else that was kind of stressing me out. Anyway, Missouri is only a few hours away from us and from looking into it it also didn’t sound too expensive. It fit a college students budget 🙂 Our original plan was to do half a week in Branson and half a week at the Lake of Ozarks. Funny thing about plans… they can get ruined. Last week in Iowa the weather was beautiful. Sunny and just gorgeous. Continue reading

One Year Blogiversary!

Be Generous, Be KindToday marks my one year blogiversary! On March 10, 2014, I decided that it was time to start my very own blog. It was something that I had thought about a great deal and after careful consideration I decided that a blog was definitely something that I was meant to do. I love writing and reading and since I haven’t had a lot of time to write in the last few years I decided to divert my available time and attention to reading. I enjoy reading a numerous amount of genre’s and couldn’t just pick one to focus one. After deciding that I would blog about all kinds of books, I discovered that I didn’t want to blog just about books. I wanted to blog about my adventures (few that there may be) as well as my belief in the Lord Jesus Christ. Continue reading

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 2014

South Carolina 2014 088This year’s big vacation was spent in South Carolina. When asked where in SC I just tell people Myrtle Beach, it’s well-known and easier than explaining where we actually went. The real town that we stayed in was Murrells Inlet. It was only about 15 minutes away from Myrtle Beach and we did spend half of our vacation there. The trip was amazing! The people down there were polite and very friendly. I would definitely recommend going down there sometime. We did have an itinerary planned before we left but after getting there it was kind of tossed aside and we did whatever we felt like doing. The first night there we just went to the beach at Garden City Beach. The tide was pretty high and reached the bottom step on the steps that lead down to the sand. I didn’t realize just how much I missed the beach until I saw it 🙂 it was breathtaking! Continue reading

Minneapolis, MN 2014

SChicago 2013 - Minneapolis 2014 098o last week ISU was on spring break, as well as my brother’s high school, and we  decided  to go on a mini-vacation. This was definitely not our first trip to  Minnesota  but it was our first trip to the Mall of America. We stayed there for  three days,  shopped two days and recovered one day. I had heard about the size  of this mall  from other people but I never realized just how big it was. It was  enormous! By the end of the second day we couldn’t even feel our feet. I felt like I  had worked a 12 hour shift. We didn’t go on any of the rides there but there was a  ton of shouting going on  from kids who had the time of their lives. Continue reading